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capture the flag

i should be asleep instead of this. but i'm kind of reved up about tomorrow. i have a hearing down in san jose first thing in the morning but then i fly out to new york mid-afternoon. i'm going straight from the airport to a party at joe's in brooklyn, where several of my favoritest people ever will be awaiting my arrival, ready to hand me a cocktail and give me a big hug the moment i walk through the door.

saturday, i have double baby-shower duty. i am going to joe's sister's baby shower (she recently had twin boys who seem adorable from all the pictures joe keeps sending me from his phone.) she didn't have a shower before they were born because she was bed-ridden for 9 weeks. that's going to come back to haunt those boys, i have a feeling... anyway, i will get to hang with babies patrick and liam, and i will also get to see joe's grandmother, who i seriously think loves me more than anyone in the world, for no apparent reason:) then i will head out east for my own sister's baby shower. i admit i'm a bit nervous to see her, since the last time i saw her she was just my baby sister... and now she's going to have a ginormous tummy growing a human inside. crazy!!

anyway, i'm excited. i've been missing new york alot recently. it's only going to be a couple of days, so i'm sure i won't get it totally out of my system, but it will be a much needed visit.

have a fun memorial day weekend everyone:)
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