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water, so much water

i've been so busy lately i've hardly had a chance to sit around on sir leatherton the comfy (my couch). sigh. but i did get to see jill for a quick lunch today and i talked to my sister who is now in her 6th month of being all preggers and i still haven't seen her belly which makes me sad. i made her promise me some pictures. i wanna see that belly!!

tonight i am going to see the new pornographers and belle & sebastain. yay.

tomorrow i am going to do 100,000,000 tasks at work and buy an iPod charger and also and ac/dc adaptor and also finish packing and also write down everyone's addresses so i can send postcards (everyone who wants them should email me their addresses cos i might not have time for this!) and then i will wake up at the ass crack of dawn and go to the airport and then i will be in spain.

i must say i am having a hard time with the fact that i am not getting on a plane to new york. that is really where i should be going. for the last 3 years in a row, during this week, i went back to new york for the birthdays of three of my favorite peoples - first wick's, then miriam's, then missy's. it usually started with a limo and ended with a feast. sometimes there was some horsey-making out and puking in between. but it was always my favorite week.

while i am sure that spain will be pretty cool, not much can compare to being with the people i love to help celebrate the fact that they were born.
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