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look for me

this past week, after joe left, i was busier than i've been... well, since i can remember. work has been amazingly good. i am feeling more and more like an integrated part of the IP litigation team. they are trusting me with some truly challenging projects and as much responsibility as i can take on. in two weeks i will be defending depositions. (by way of background, in most firms you wouldn't do this before your second year, but here i am just 6 months in getting this opportunity). plus i'm going to cleveland to do doc review (yuck) and help prep for the depositions the rest of the team will be taking. kind of weird to go to cleveland 2x in one winter. i imagine that things are going to stay real busy until i go to spain at the end of march. anyway, in case i don't talk to anyone for a while - it's not personal. i'm just a wee workin' gal.

also, i am seeing matt pond on sunday. i find this pretty hilarious. i wonder if he'd be mad if i request him to do his cover of "wonderwall" from the oc soundtrack. heh.
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